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December 16, 2023, 6:00 pm

Sacramento, CA


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Our Vision

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Rooted in the deeply personal journey of our Founder, an orphaned foster child most know as LC, the Holiday SLAMtacular was conceived as a beacon of hope and festivity. Her childhood memories, filled with silent nights and a longing for belonging, serve as the driving force behind this initiative.



At its core, the Holiday SLAMtacular aims to ensure that every foster and underprivileged child experiences the festive magic that many of us take for granted. By merging the vivacity of arts with the spirit of the holidays, we aim to craft an atmosphere where joy, creativity, and unity are in abundance. It's not just about a singular event, but about creating lasting memories, sparking passions, and introducing these young souls to a world of opportunities through the arts.


Transformative Effect:

The Holiday SLAMtacular is more than just a festive gathering. It's a catalyst. An event that can change the trajectory of a child's life by exposing them to the transformative power of the arts. Whether it's dance, music, painting, or any other form of artistic expression, our vision is to kindle that spark of passion and potential within them. And beyond the arts, it's about instilling a sense of community, belonging, and the understanding that they are cared about, cherished, and never alone during the holiday season.

how you can get involved

Every contribution, big or small, has the potential to light up a child's world this holiday season. Consider making a one-time donation or become a cherished sponsor for the event. Your funds help us cover event costs, buy gifts, and ensure the highest quality of arts exposure for the children.

Spread the Word:

Help amplify our mission! Share our vision with friends, family, colleagues – basically, everyone! Whether it's a post on social media, a chat at your coffee break, or an email to your contacts – your voice matters.


Time is just as precious as money. We're always on the lookout for volunteers to help with event prep, execution, and post-event activities. If you've got skills, passion, or just some free time, join our team!

Gift & Contribute:

Got items that could light up a child's day? We're accepting gifts, art supplies, festive decorations, and anything else that can add to our event's magic.


If you're an artist, musician, performer, or have a unique skill that can dazzle our audience, let's collaborate! Your talent can be the highlight that creates a lifelong memory for a child.

Connect Us:

Know someone who would love to support our cause or could benefit from our event? Hook us up! Building a strong, caring community is what the Holiday SLAMtacular is all about.

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